A Bit About Us

Combined, we make one heck of a husband + wife wedding photography team! Colton is the one behind the camera, while Jessica handles pretty much everything else (including, but not limited to tying up a wedding dress like a pro). We love moments! From the moment the bride’s dad sees her for the first time to the look on the grooms face when he spins his bride around to see the back of her dress. We love it all. Our goal for your wedding is to capture as many memories as possible so when you look back at your photos in 50 years, it will spark the same emotion in you as it did on your wedding day.

Why SixFourteen?

We met during freshman year of high school, and started dating on March 27, 2002, thus, our ‘number’ became 327. We continued dating throughout high school and college, until one day on South Padre Island, I (Colton) decided to let Jessica know that I didn’t think it was good for our relationship to discuss marriage as much as we had been lately. So I asked her to marry me so we could stop talking about it so much and just do it! After a year-long engagement, we got married on… you guessed it… June 14th!

But the really cool thing about SixFourteen is this:

Our original anniversary:




Thus, 614!

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